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mind your marketing 42

Mind Your Marketing #42 – Uncle Drew Brings Pepsi to the Big Screen

Welcome to another episode of Mind Your Marketing – the weekly podcast that covers all of the latest marketing news and trending ad spots. Show notes are below!   This week we’re discussing: -Lyft acquires a bicycle company -Drake and Spotify get some users pretty angry -Walmart releases a suspect t-shirt -Sony accidentally uploads a…

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5 SEO Tips to Help Your Blog Posts Rank Higher in Google

Making your blog posts rank higher in Google can be a tough task. There are over one billion blog posts that get thrown up on the web yearly. Most are mediocre, providing little to no value to your site in the long term. But great posts, on the other hand, provide consistent traffic to your…

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mind your marketing episode 7

Mind Your Marketing Episode #07 – Internet Balloons Are a Thing

Welcome to another episode of Mind Your Marketing – the weekly podcast that covers all of the latest marketing news and hot ad spots. Show notes are below!  This week we’re discussing: Twitter’s expanding their character limit Alphabet is sending internet balloons around the world Brands demanding better digital ad placements Plus, Ad Campaigns: Talbots…

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ways to get better at content marketing

3 Ways to Instantly Improve at Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most defensible types of marketing in the world of digital marketing. However, it’s not necessarily the easiest. The biggest factor in content marketing is embracing a long term commitment to story telling. Successful content marketing relies on a few things, much of which we talk about at length on…

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make better blog content

4 Ways to Make Better Blog Content [Advanced]

550 million blog posts are posted every year. These blogs are a mix of personal and business blogs. And though their purpose may be different in nature, both types are after the same thing: attention. With 47% of buyers viewing 3-5 pieces of content before contacting a business, having up-to-date/informative content on your blog has…

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It’s Time to Stop Marketing Like It’s 2005

It’s time to stop marketing like it’s 2005. Because it’s not. Yet companies are still latching onto traditional ineffective marketing like it is. Let me explain. According to, in 2005 the average email open rate for email was 22 percent. In 2015, that number was 13.6 percent. That’s a 38 percent decrease in a…

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Reasons your facebook ads aren't working

8 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

If your Facebook ads aren’t working as well as you want, it’s likely due to several reasons. The Facebook ad platform allows for a lot of flexibility for the individual user. This is good and bad, as the more flexibility we the users have, the more prone we are to running unsuccessful ad campaigns. If…

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tips for making live video

5 Tips For Any Business Making Live Video

Live video, live video, live video. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest marketing trends, you’ll know that live video is the hottest topic of 2017 so far. Seemingly every social media platform is making its own play (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). And for those platforms not doing it (Snapchat/LinkedIn), we predict you’ll be able…

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activities that make you smarter

6 Activities That Make You Smarter, According to Science

It has been widely considered that each human being has a preset level of intelligence – we have to work with what we are given. However, the influx of scientific studies around brain function has led us to a different conclusion. According to science, there are activities and habits people can do to make themselves…

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how to grow an instagram following

5 Ways to Grow an Instagram Following

Growing an Instagram following for your business/personal brand is a big task, there’s no doubt about it. That being said, everyday users have taken advantage of techniques to build massive followings and generate business through the platform. The platform, which boasts a 150 million daily active users, and is updating its features at an unprecedented rate is…

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