how to optimize your youtube videos

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos – Episode 32

Watch the Episode Show Notes This week the guys discuss how to properly optimize your YouTube videos. Beer of the Day: No beers! Drinking in public is frowned upon in California. @CaveJustin: 0/10 @CaveJordanS: 0/10   Here’s a quick summary: 1. Capture peoples attention in the first 5 seconds of the video 2. Get to the…

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important facebook metrics

Facebook Metrics You Need to Watch – Episode 31

Watch the Episode Show Notes This week we talk about 3 Facebook metrics that you need to watch, and why they’re so important. Beer of the Day: No beers! Drinking in public is frowned upon in California. @CaveJustin: 0/10 @CaveJordanS: 0/10   Here’s a quick summary: 1. Watch your engagement metrics – they’re telling on the quality…

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how to use twitter better

How to Use Twitter Like a Pro – Episode 30

Watch the Episode Show Notes This week we talk about how to use Twitter like a pro, with 3 quick tips. Beer of the Day: No beers! Drinking in public is frowned upon, apparently. @CaveJustin: 0/10 @CaveJordanS: 0/10   Here’s a quick summary: 1. Twitter chats are a great place to up your engagement and connect with…

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how does retargting work

Retargeting Ads – What, Why and How

10x Your Advertising Returns With Retargeting Ads   What is Retargeting? Retargeting is a form of online advertising becoming more and more popular with business owners and marketing professionals. The average website converts roughly 2% of its traffic — retargeting helps you get back in front of the other 98% of your website’s visitors. You…

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old school marketing tactics that work

4 Old School Marketing Tactics That Still Work – Episode 29

Watch the Episode Show Notes This week we’re discussing some of the more traditional forms of marketing that should not be forgotten. We actually use all four of these tactics at Cave. Beer of the Day: Clearwater Honey Cream by Pair O’ Dice Brewing @CaveJustin: 10/10 @CaveJordanS: 9/10 Here’s a quick summary: 1. Public Relations is still…

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make your website work better

How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Machine

Do you have a contact page on your website? Have you ever wondered how many potential customers have visited your contact page and not filled out a contact form? Or whether people started to fill out a form on a page, only to change their mind halfway down? These are numbers you need to know as…

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4 Google Analytics Metrics That Matter – Episode 28

Watch the Episode Show Notes This episode, we’re diving into the world of Google Analytics. As Jordan says, there are “about 9,000” things you can choose to look at in GA, watch to learn which 4 metrics we think are worth tracking. Beer of the Day: Agave Wheat by Breckenridge Brewery @CaveJustin: 9/10 @CaveJordanS: 9.2/10 Here’s…

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make better blog content

4 Ways to Make Better Blog Content [Advanced]

550 million blog posts are posted every year. These blogs are a mix of personal and business blogs. And though their purpose may be different in nature, both types are after the same thing: attention. With 47% of buyers viewing 3-5 pieces of content before contacting a business, having up-to-date/informative content on your blog has…

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It’s Time to Stop Marketing Like It’s 2005

It’s time to stop marketing like it’s 2005. Because it’s not. Yet companies are still latching onto traditional ineffective marketing like it is. Let me explain. According to, in 2005 the average email open rate for email was 22 percent. In 2015, that number was 13.6 percent. That’s a 38 percent decrease in a…

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marketers don't love snapchat

Study Finds Snapchat Isn’t Impressing Marketers

  A recent study done by RBC Capital Markets surveyed 1,600 marketers, and the results show troubling news for Snapchat. The company that just went public isn’t exactly receiving high grades from marketing professionals. We’ve been shouting this sentiment for some time. Last year, Jordan Scheltgen and I discussed ways to stay practical with your…

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