most popular messaging apps

The Most Popular Messaging Platforms, By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Messaging is exploding. As Mark Zuckerberg says, it’s one of the few things more popular than social networking. Around the world, people are using messaging apps to communicate with one another – and unlike SMS, these apps are free.   The power of messaging apps is in their numbers. One of the main reasons companies…

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best types of social media advertising

3 Profitable Types of Social Media Ads

There are a ton of options when it comes to social advertising. What started as buying likes has evolved into some of the most targeted types of advertising available. Want to reach single dads who have Bernese Mountain Dogs and love Skittles? That’s not a tough task anymore. Here’s a look at some of the…

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how to do better on snapchat

Tips to Crush It On Snapchat – Episode 34

Watch the Episode Show Notes This week we discuss a few of our favorite Snapchat tips, that work with any platform offering stories. Beer of the Day: No beers! Drinking in public is frowned upon in California. @CaveJustin: 0/10 @CaveJordanS: 0/10   Here’s a quick summary: 1. Use filters to stand out 2. Buy filters for…

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snapchat valuation

Here’s How Much Facebook, Snapchat, and Other Major Social Networks Are Worth

There’s been a lot of movement in terms of valuation for the major social networks over the past few months. Snapchat has seen its stock price fall back to its IPO, while Facebook has risen to all-time highs. In the meantime, companies like Pinterest are still waiting to step from the private into the public…

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things not to overlook google adwords

4 Things Not to Overlook in Google Adwords

Adwords is still one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. If you’re selling a product or service, search ads can help drum up business and put dollars in your pocket. That being said, there are a few things you should be sure not to overlook when you set up a search campaign. Hopefully,…

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writing blog

5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

So, you’ve spent the time to create great content on your blog, but now the ultimate question is: How do I get people to read/watch it? Trying to keep people’s attention isn’t easy in a digital world where there are so many distractions. Getting people to view your blog regularly is always tough, but these…

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How to Make More Money With Facebook Ads – Episode 33

Watch the Episode Show Notes This week we discuss Facebook ads, and ways to improve your return on investment. Beer of the Day: No beers! Drinking in public is frowned upon in California. @CaveJustin: 0/10 @CaveJordanS: 0/10   Here’s a quick summary: 1. Match your targeting to your goal 2. Look at what you’re trying…

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linkedin advertising

LinkedIn’s Advertising Platform Just Took a Huge Step Forward

LinkedIn is the default social network to connect with business professionals — but it’s advertising platform hasn’t always been the first choice for marketers. That being said, recent updates to the platform are truly exciting for B2B marketing professionals. LinkedIn recently announced three long-awaited tools to help marketers and business owners reach new audiences. Here’s…

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social media content ideas for may

Social Media Content Ideas For May

April showers bring May flowers! Welcome to May, a new month to get outdoors and play, or if you’re like us – another month to schedule social content! Here’s a look at what’s happening this month, both monthly observances, and daily. Enjoy! Monthly Observances: Date Your Mate Month Foster Care Month Older Americans Month National…

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how to optimize your youtube videos

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos – Episode 32

Watch the Episode Show Notes This week the guys discuss how to properly optimize your YouTube videos. Beer of the Day: No beers! Drinking in public is frowned upon in California. @CaveJustin: 0/10 @CaveJordanS: 0/10   Here’s a quick summary: 1. Capture peoples attention in the first 5 seconds of the video 2. Get to the…

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