instagram introduces recommended stories by justin kerby

Instagram Introduces Recommended Stories in the Explore Tab

It’s almost hard to keep up with the changes happening at Instagram. First, we saw new business profiles introduced. This move allowed business owners and brands to advertise directly within the platform and set up custom contact buttons. Next, Instagram Stories were integrated into the app. This was almost a complete duplication of Snapchat’s Stories, giving…

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tricks for social media

7 Social Media Tricks You’ll Actually Use

I’ve read plenty of articles highlighting tips and tricks for different social and messaging apps, and usually, I’m left unsatisfied. Here’s how it usually goes: I click the article, being the “secret tips” nerd that I am. The article is in a slideshow format, with 17 different slides to scroll through. I spend six minutes…

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how to use instagrams business profiles

How to Use Instagram’s New Business Profiles

We’ve seen a lot of great Instagram updates lately, including the ability to add Stories which is a direct attack on Snapchat. We’ve also seen an overhaul (and the creation of) business pages on Instagram. This overhaul gives brands much more power on Instagram, and it’s important that every page owner takes the necessary steps…

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bitmoji snapchat justin kerby

How to Link Your Bitmoji Account With Snapchat

When Snapchat bought Bitmoji maker Bitstrips in March 2016, it became clear that the company was trying to up its emoji presence. Snapchat’s always been one of the more fun social apps, and Bitmoji integration seemed like it would make a perfect fit. This week, we saw that integration go live, and it hasn’t disappointed.…

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instagram stories

Introducing Instagram Stories – The Snapchat Killer?

Is Instagram’s new ‘Stories‘ feature a Snapchat killer? Probably not – it’d be extremely difficult to convince 150 million of the most loyal daily active users to switch platforms overnight. But, we may have just witnessed the start of a further push by Facebook to grab more land in the video messaging space – and that’s worth…

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how to get 1000 views on a blog

How to Write a Blog That Hits +1000 Views – Episode 15

Watch the Episode Show Notes In this episode, we’ll give you the steps to getting over 1000 views on your next blog post. Beer of the Day: Guinness Nitro IPA @CaveJustin: 5/10 @CaveJordanS: 8/10 Here’s a quick summary: 1. The goal is to use other people’s audiences 2. You need to give value to get other people…

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tips and tricks for facebook live

Tips & Tricks For Using Facebook Live – Episode 14

Watch the Episode Show Notes In this episode, we discuss best practices for Facebook Live. We also shot the episode on Facebook Live, check that out here for context, and to see Dorian’s beautiful face. Beer of the Day: New Belgium Fat Tire @CaveJustin: 10/10 @CaveJordanS: 8/10 Here’s a quick summary: 1. We love New Belgium Fat…

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respond to angry reviews on social media

How To Respond To Angry Reviews On Social Media – Episode 13

Watch the Episode Show Notes In this episode, we’re talking about how to respond to angry comments on social media. Beer of the Day: Parallel 49 Salty Scot @CaveJustin: 3/10 @CaveJordanS: 2.5/10 Here’s a quick summary: 1. Social media has changed the playing field for businesses – everyone is a critic, and you need to use social as…

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How to stay classy on social media justin kerby jordan scheltgen

How to Stay Classy On Social Media – Episode 12

Watch the Episode Show Notes In this episode, we discuss how to handle politics, religion, and holidays on social media. Beer of the Day: Green Flash – Passion Fruit Kicker @CaveJustin: 8/10 @CaveJordanS: 4/10 Here’s a quick summary: 1. Keep your political opinions off of your business page – it only alienates you from your customers 2. Religious…

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justin kerby jordan scheltgen website

Reasons We Hate Your Website – Episode 11

Watch the Episode Show Notes In this episode, the guys go over what they hate about your website. It’s a bit of a rant. Beer of the Day: Victory Brewing Company – Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tropical IPA @CaveJustin: 8/10 @CaveJordanS: 7/10 The guys forgot to take a photo this week, so instead here’s a photo of Jordan’s…

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