prepare for success

Prepare for Success: 5 Nightly Rituals That Increase Productivity

Over the past two years, I’ve found several tricks and tools to help me be more productive throughout the day. Aside from Bulletproof Coffee, a large part of my productivity is actually fueled by my routine the night before. 5. Maintain a regular sleep schedule Waking up to an alarm clock is a social norm.…

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From one family business to another

Small Town Values: What My Family Business Has Taught Me About Growing a Startup

I grew up in Renfrew, Ontario – a small country town of only 8,000 people where fishing, farming and hunting were the preferred subjects of conversation. Tech startups and bootstrapping a business were not even a blip on the radar for most of the people I grew up with. Regardless of this, my small hometown…

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Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

25 Fantastic Books That Every New Entrepreneur Should Read

If you’ve just started a business, you know all about information overload. We often delay launching new businesses until we’ve read everything or feel like we are fully prepared, but the truth of the matter is that sometimes you just need to take the leap. Don’t wait for all the lights to turn green, because…

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youtube featured

You Won’t Believe How Fast Video Is Growing [Infographic]

People seem to be reading less and less. If this trend continues, it won’t be long until we stop reading altogether. Brands are beginning to take note of this trend and are starting to place serious emphasis on visual media. You might be thinking “We’ve always watched video, how much more video can we actually be…

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business books

Cave’s Five Favorite Books on Business

When you’re starting your own business you read… a lot. Sometimes riffling through all the bad business books can make it tough to find the good ones. That’s why we thought we would put together a quick list of our personal favorites that have taught us the most about business.     Justin’s Favorite Book:…

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mobile phone usage

Here Is a Scary Statistic About Mobile Phones [Infographic]

Thank goodness we have cellphones because we don’t want to get anywhere close to your stinky breath. Now that may seem harsh, but take a look at this infographic. There are literally more active cell phones in the world than there are toothbrushes. Welcome to 2015. If you need me, I’ll be brushing my teeth.…

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7 Ads that Will Inspire Your Marketing Efforts

Not all ads are created the same. In fact, for most advertisers it’s a daily struggle just trying to make ads that aren’t viewed as nuisances. Here are 7 of our favorite ads that not only inspire us to be better marketers, but also make us want to take out our credit cards.   1.…

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Why I Left My 9 to 5 for a Startup Making No Money

Leaving your full-time job for a start up is never an easy decision. The security that a 9 to 5 brings keeps most people from testing the startup waters. Making the decision for me was not an easy one, but it was essential to my growth as an entrepreneur, and more importantly to my growth…

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losing money

4 Simple Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Business

These 4 common mistakes could be costing you business. The good news is, they’re all relatively easy fixes. Spend a few minutes on making things right and stop losing business.   Mistakes to avoid:   Remember: If your grandmother can’t understand your elevator pitch, it’s probably too complicated. Stick with the following formula:   My…

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