The 10 CAVE Commandments For Writing

The 10 CAVE Commandments We started as a men’s magazine. This meant we had to be consistent content creators who followed a model. Here is the model our writers at the magazine use for all of their pieces. These commandments can be followed by everyone looking to become a stronger writer. 1. Thou shall proofread.…

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Like on Facebook

6 Simple Ways To Get More Facebook “Likes”

Do you want to know how to get more Facebook “likes”? What business doesn’t really? There are a bunch of ¬†ways to get more Facebook likes. We’re going to show you a few easy ones to spike your Facebook likes immediately. 1. Add a Facebook box to your website’s sidebar   This provides an easy…

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SEO for blog traffic

SEO Tips For Increasing Your Blog Traffic

SEO Tips For Your Increasing Your Blog Traffic Blogging is important for your business. Companies who blogged on the regular actually had 2/3 more sales leads than a competitor that didn’t put pen to paper. Here are some SEO tips that you can use to increase your blog’s traffic. Keyword Selection Keyword selection is one…

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