Company Logos with Hidden Meanings

The five logos in the video below have interesting hidden meanings that may go unnoticed on first glance. Some of the logos seem basic, or uninspired. However, in reality they are the result of deep thought, and great design. Let’s look at the five logos and their hidden meanings.     1. Toblerone Toblerone was…

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Why Instagram's Founders are Leaving Facebook

Why The Instagram Founders Are Leaving Facebook

It was recently announced, in a public statement, that the Instagram founders are leaving Facebook.   Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are leaving the company, and sources are pointing to tension that has been mounting for quite some time. This tension, it seems, has stemmed from Facebook’s inability to let Instagram function autonomously – with…

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Glossier: How One Company’s Blog Changed The Face Of The Beauty Industry

What happens when a blog aimed at giving women the internet’s best beauty tips, makeup tutorials, product reviews, and techniques from industry leaders, turns into a multi-million dollar skincare and makeup company? Ask Emily Weiss, the founder and CEO of Into The Gloss, a beauty blog that rose to cult-like status by using social media…

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Why Instagram Steals From Snapchat

Why Instagram Steals Ideas From Snapchat

We heard it a lot in 2017 from media outlets. Instagram was constantly looking to Snapchat for new ideas. Or, borrowed ideas, I should say. It left many asking, is Zuckerberg out of tricks? Do the great minds at Facebook really have no better ideas than the ones already introduced by Snapchat? While some called…

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5 resolutions every entrepreneur should make

Every Entrepreneur Should Set These Five Goals

No matter what time of year it is, goals are important. Resolutions help entrepreneurs stay on track and achieve their life’s purpose — whether they be business related or not. Sometimes, it’s the business goals that can have the largest impact on an entrepreneur’s personal life. That being said, not all of the resolutions on…

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how small businesses can rank better in google

How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Google Search Rankings

All small businesses, no matter who their potential customers are, should be working on improving their ranking in Google Search. Improving your presence on search engines can lead to more awareness, traffic, and sales – three things that small businesses rely on. If you’re looking to improve your search ranking, here are a few places…

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signs google adwords isnt for you

5 Signs Google Adwords Isn’t For You

5 Signs Google Adwords Isn’t For You With a little help from The Simpsons   First things first — I’m not an Adwords hater. In fact, we at Cave have provided Adwords services to hundreds of clients over the last few years. I speak publicly about ways businesses and marketers can improve Google Adwords campaigns, I…

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snapchat bad week

Snapchat Isn’t Having Fun Anymore

Think you’re having a bad week? You’ve got nothing on Snapchat. The company has been battling issue after issue this week, making for what is probably their worst 7-day period in the company’s short history. What Happened First of all, Snapchat started the week with a global outage. Not what CEO Evan Spiegel wanted to…

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3 Big Brands Dominating Social Media

Social media is an interesting world. It can be where brands destroy their reputation, get lost in the crowd, or in some cases – dominate the competition. For these three brands, social media has proven to be a valuable tool in the marketing toolbox. Each company has used minimal dollars (in most cases, zero paid…

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best apps for making videos

4 Awesome Video Editing Apps

Tell your story with these awesome video editing apps Video is taking over and video editing apps are helping make that possible. Marketers and business owners need to take advantage and put themselves and their brands in front of the camera. If you’ve been looking for tools to help make your life easier when it…

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