How to Stay Focused at Work [3 Essential Tools]

In the age of instant access to information, it’s getting harder to stay focused at work. Having just one minute pass without a distracting ping from your phone or e-mail is becoming a rare phenomenon. We’re losing the battle to stay focused. Taking back your life from the flashing lights and high pitched chimes is…

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4 Easy Ways to Get More E-mail Subscribers [WITH RESULTS]

E-mail marketing is far from dead. It’s actually proven itself to be more valuable than ever. It’s undeniably cost-effective, and given the right amount of attention it can be a great tool to help you build your brand and drive sales. Before you get started though, you’ll need a subscriber list. Below are 4 simple…

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outstanding leaders

7 Unorthodox Rituals Of Outstanding Leaders

Leaders are a special type of people, being a leader is not a position suitable for everyone, and it’s not a bad thing. Everyone you work with is equally important to the success of the company as a leader. Whether they are the leader of your work pod, your company, or the country, leaders usually…

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How to Find Unbelievable Content to Share on Social Media

Finding amazing content for your blog, social media accounts, and e-mail campaigns are tough. If you own a business or run social media accounts for a living, you know how challenging it can be to keep your followers interested in your brand. The good news is, the internet is here to help. There is an…

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not good

How NOT to Comment on a Facebook Post

Commenting on Facebook posts can be a great way to start and foster relationships with other businesses and potential customers. It is also a great way to come across as a spammer. “Make love, not spam.” – HubSpot We posted an article and got the following comment from a spammer who will remain nameless. It’s…

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stand out

Stand Out: 5 Tips to Improve Your Blog Posts

By now you know how important it is to create engaging blogs, so we’ve put together a quick list of tips you can use to make your blog posts stand out. Step 1. ALWAYS TYPE IN CAPS LOCK. Just kidding. Try adding headings to your blog posts like you see above. These headings help structure…

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Fine Wine

Like a Fine Wine, Great Blog Posts Get Better With Age

Whenever we take on a new client we always want to bring content to the forefront of their website. By writing blogs companies are able to give insight into their business’ day-to-day work, build trust and credibility with readers. Any Google search on,”how to blog for business,” will lead you an article that will undoubtedly…

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How We Got to the First Page of Google in Two Hours With YouTube

In the 3 minutes it will take you to read this article, 300 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube. That’s over 16 years of video every single day, and six millennia of video every year. What do these numbers tell us about YouTube, other than the fact that its hosting bill must be…

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Overcome Google’s Panda Updates By Creating Butt-Kicking Content

Any SEO will be the first to tell you about how Panda and Penguin updates from Google hampered much of their previous SEO work. The effects of Panda on sites in 2012/2013 varied. If your site was stagnant, or producing low-quality content, then chances are Panda took it’s toll on your site. One of the…

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facebook dislike

5 Things You Should Never Do On Your Businesses Page

Social media has presented a new avenue for businesses to interact with their consumer base. It is a valuable resource for any business because of the sheer mass which uses social media daily. Whether it is Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc. They are all of value to your brand. Remember, everything you do on your social…

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