try a retargeting campaign

Why You Should Try a Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting works, and it works really well. Marketing Directors, startup founders, and business owners should all be using retargeting ads. They help grow customer acquisition, brand awareness, and site engagement immensely. Here are just a few eye-popping statistics about retargeting that are sure to pique your interest. (Source) (Source) (Source) These numbers don’t lie. You…

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types of blog content

The 3 Ingredients of a Successful Company Blog

Despite what you may have heard, blogging is not just for angsty teenagers. It’s for businesses too. Not only can blogs help you attract new customers through content marketing, they can also help you improve your website’s presence in search results. If there’s one area you should invest more time into online, it’s your blog.…

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slack integatrations

5 Slack Integrations That Every Marketer Should Use

We’re kind of productivity nerds around here at Cave. Whenever a new tool or piece of technology comes out, someone on our team will be racing to try it out. We’re quick to adopt, but we also quick to drop. If something isn’t clicking with our team, and we can’t see the measurable benefits of…

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How to Embed An Instagram Photo On Your Website or Blog

We recently shot an episode of In The Cave where we discussed, How to Write a Blog That Hits +1000 Views. During the video, we talked about embedding Instagram photos into blog posts. Embedding photos is a great way to legally show other people’s photos on your website, promote their content, and entice them to share you…

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jordan scheltgen of cave social

Content Marketing 101: Jordan Scheltgen’s Keynote Speech at Digimarcon

In this 45-minute keynote speech at Digimarcon West, our Founder Jordan Scheltgen spoke about how Cave Social got its start in content marketing, and how you can use the same tactics to grow your audience.

how to create a facebook ad account

How to Create a Facebook Ad Account

Creating a Facebook Ad Account is the last step before you start promoting your Facebook page, website, offer, app, or anything else via the Facebook ads platform. It’s an easy process and it provides you with a host of marketing tools to promote your brand.  5 Steps to Creating a Facebook Ad Account via @CaveSocial Click…

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how to set up a facebook business page

How to Set Up A Facebook Business Page

Setting up a Facebook Business Page Do you want to open your product or service up to the digital world? Opening a Facebook Business Page is the place to start. While it may seem daunting I promise you, the process is as simple as it is important. Take the time to set up a business…

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in the cave week 7

Bad SEO Practices and How to Avoid Them – Episode 7

Watch the Episode Show Notes In this episode, the guys talk about bad SEO practices, how to avoid them, and what to look for when hiring an agency to help with search engine optimization. Beer of the Day: Goose Island – Summertime Kolsch @CaveJustin: 6/10 @CaveJordanS: 8/10 Here’s a quick summary: 1. Don’t link-spam, buy links, or engage in…

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wordpress login

4 Social Plugins Every WordPress User Needs

One of the great things about WordPress is its vast community, and when it comes to creating good social plugins the crowd has not let us down. WordPress is full of excellent social plugins to help you grow your following and connect with your site’s visitors. Here are a few tried and tested plugins that…

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social media infographic

5 Jaw-Dropping Social Media Infographics

Social media is no longer optional if you’re running a business. It’s become a key way to engage with your current and potential customers, and it’s only becoming more important in terms of marketing strategy.  From 2014 to 2015, social ad spending increased 33.5%, and those numbers are only skewing higher. If you’re serious about…

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