how small businesses can rank better in google

How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Google Search Rankings

All small businesses, no matter who their potential customers are, should be working on improving their ranking in Google Search. Improving your presence on search engines can lead to more awareness, traffic, and sales – three things that small businesses rely on. If you’re looking to improve your search ranking, here are a few places…

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5 SEO Tips to Help Your Blog Posts Rank Higher in Google

Making your blog posts rank higher in Google can be a tough task. There are over one billion blog posts that get thrown up on the web yearly. Most are mediocre, providing little to no value to your site in the long term. But great posts, on the other hand, provide consistent traffic to your…

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Twitter Collage

Twitter Releases New Collage Feature

Twitter has released a new collage feature for it’s iPhone users. Twitter has said that the android and desktop versions will roll out shortly. The collage feature allows for you to post up to four pictures at once and tag up to ten friends simultaneously. The tagging doesn’t effect the 140 characters as the names…

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Overcome Google’s Panda Updates By Creating Butt-Kicking Content

Any SEO will be the first to tell you about how Panda and Penguin updates from Google hampered much of their previous SEO work. The effects of Panda on sites in 2012/2013 varied. If your site was stagnant, or producing low-quality content, then chances are Panda took it’s toll on your site. One of the…

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high quality content

Understanding What “High Quality Content” Really Is

Contextual Content is King If you read anything on SEO or watch Google’s Matt Cutts closely you’ll hear the same sentiment repeated almost endlessly. That sentiment is: create high-quality content, which users will want to interact with. So, if you’re not Hemingway how the heck do you pull that off? Well, creating high quality content…

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics – What Metrics Should You Really Be Looking At?

You installed Google Analytics, but now what? For anyone who has ever installed Google Analytics, you know it can become a clouded maze of data very quickly. There are numbers everywhere, and a whole side bar which has subsections with more data. To be honest, it can be very overwhelming. But it shouldn’t be. Google…

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guest blogging

Guest Blogging – A Technique for SEO Past, Present or Future?

Let me start off by saying this: Guest blogging works. Actually let me rephrase that. Guest blogging works, if it is done in a natural manner with industries that are related to yours. It seems every year in SEO there is a fad. Whether it is link building through link-farms, open directory submissions or guest…

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bad backlinks

Are You Falling Victim To Bad Backlinks?

Conventional wisdom throughout the early 2000’s pushed SEO experts to build backlinks for their clients, no matter the page authority, no matter the page rank and no matter the anchor text. In recent months people have seen rankings drop on their site because of bad backlinks. Over the last two years it’s been a much…

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