Mind Your Marketing Episode #06 – The Weirdest Ice Cream Commercial You’ll Ever See

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Welcome to another episode of Mind Your Marketing – the weekly podcast that covers all of the latest marketing news and hot ad spots. Show notes are below! 

This week we’re discussing:

-Why Facebook is limiting advertiser’s targeting capabilities in four major categories
-Snapchat’s new Bitmoji lenses
-Uber’s new $40 million lawsuit

PLUS, Ad Campaigns:

-Two famous museum’s get into a “Twitter War”
-Another terrible campaign from Uber
-Netflix is a joke (in a good way)
-The creepiest ice cream advertisement in the history of ice cream ads

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Show Notes

Ad spots we covered:


1. The Battle of the Museums on Twitter

Here’s a full rundown from Indy100 of the battle between the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. It’s pretty great.


2. Uber’s terrible, “Wife Appreciation Day” promo.

bad uber promotion sexist


3. Halo Top – “Eat The Ice Cream”



4. Netflix – “Netflix is a Joke”



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Posted on September 20, 2017 in In The Cave

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