Tips to Crush It On Snapchat – Episode 34

how to do better on snapchat

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This week we discuss a few of our favorite Snapchat tips, that work with any platform offering stories.

Beer of the Day: No beers! Drinking in public is frowned upon in California.

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Here’s a quick summary:

1. Use filters to stand out

2. Buy filters for appropriate events

3. Connect your snaps together – tell a story!

4. Share your content across different platforms – save your snaps and share them on Instagram and Facebook

5. Use different filters and share them on networks that don’t have those filters

6. Start conversations – when someone posts something interesting, comment on it


Awesome tools we mentioned:

1. Ghostcodes is a great app for discovering users to follow on Snapchat. It’s available on both iOS and Android.

Other items we discussed:

We mentioned two brands to follow on Snapchat to get a feel for fresh storytelling on the platform:

1. Chubbies

2. Everlane



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