Twitter Releases New Collage Feature

Twitter Collage

Twitter has released a new collage feature for it’s iPhone users. Twitter has said that the android and desktop versions will roll out shortly.

The collage feature allows for you to post up to four pictures at once and tag up to ten friends simultaneously. The tagging doesn’t effect the 140 characters as the names don’t appear in the tweet. Once you tag someone, they are notified and they are given the power to delete the tweet.

Here’s an example of Danny Sullivan testing it out:


All of the privacy issues revolving around tagging haven’t been revealed just yet. I’m sure some sort of follow/follow back authorization will come into play with tags. Especially for verified accounts – I can’t see Kanye West being tagged in thousands of fake photos.

If you’re not using Twitter yet, take in our Twitter 101 post from late 2013.


Posted on March 27, 2014 in Blogging, SEO, Twitter

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