3 Things You Should Be Doing With Photos

Marketing is highly visual. All you have to do to test this theory is post two statuses on Facebook, one with a picture and one without. You will quickly see that the status with the picture performs much better than the purely text status.

This is why I wanted to give you three tips for what you should be doing with your photos.

1. Scrap the Stock Photos

You wouldn’t hang pictures in your house with the stock photo still in the frame, so why would you put up that same stock photo on your website? Your website is the online representation of your business. For most clients, your website will be the first thing they see when they discover your company.

Customers want to feel like they are engaging with a human being when they go through your site. Because of this, you’re much better to put up a picture of you and your staff doing kart-wheels outside of your office than a stock photo of a guy smiling.

2. Use Alt Tags

Make sure to add alt tags to every photo on your website. The alt tag should be related to your chosen keyword for the page. This will help Google index your page and make your page stronger for that chosen keyword.

3. Pin it

Create a Pinterest account and pin cool photos! This is a great way to get clicks back to your article or page from Pinterest. Remember, it’s all about turning content into visits, visits to leads and leads to sales.