4 Ways to Get Better Engagement on Twitter

Do you want to get better engagement on Twitter? This article is intended to help out people who are new to Twitter or any seasoned vet, looking to brush up on their skills.

I’ve always looked at Twitter as the world’s largest ongoing conversation. There are a million different conversations going on at once, so it’s very easy for it to be overwhelming for new and existing Twitter users alike. In this article, we’ll go over four tactics we use here at Cave to increase our engagement on Twitter, for ourselves and our clients.

1.Engage With People

As said earlier, Twitter is a large conversation about pretty much anything you can think of. But what fun is a conversation if you’re not involved. Whether you want to learn/talk about marketing, sharks, or hot-air balloons there is likely a whole community of people talking about exactly what you want. Get engaged with these people and exchange your ideas, you’ll come across plenty of new individuals to follow and who will possibly follow you.

2. Stay Up To Date With Trends

The world doesn’t sleep, neither does Twitter. Since it’s inception, Twitter has been breaking news stories before TV stations do and TV stations now source Twitter for their news stories. Twitter will always be providing up to the minute facts, so it can be easy to get left behind. Stay up to date (or time) so you can retweet pertinent information to your followers. You may not be the first to tweet it, but you may be the first to tweet to one of your followers. Remember, the Trending Topics tab is your friend. The more you leverage trending topics, the more likely you are to get better engagement on Twitter.

3. Attach Pics, Articles and GIFs to Tweets

Twitter has now made it very easy for users to use media within their tweets. Add some of your personality to your tweets by using images, videos, or GIFs. People are just naturally attracted to things they can see, so chances are you will get more engagement using media in your tweets. Attaching media can give a great level of context to your tweets.

4. Join Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a great way to engage with people, but also a great way for you to share your expertise or opinion on the pertaining subject matter.These chats gather everyone to speak about the same subject matter for a specified amount of time and are curated by a Twitter user that will ask questions and control the flow of the discussion. Twitter chats aren’t always easy to find, but a quick search on Twitter will lead you to one, introducing you to a whole new audience.

If you’re looking to get better engagement on Twitter, then this video below may be of use to you.

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