6 Essential WordPress Plugins For Any Website

Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress has exploded as one of the top content management systems on the internet. Nearly 10% of all sites on the web are managed via a WordPress back-end.

What does this mean for you?

Well if you’re looking to build a website that’s super easy to add content to, you’re in luck. WordPress allows employees to add content to the site without your business having to call your “IT guys”.

Oh yea, this site you’re on right now, it’s a WordPress site.

If you have opted in to use  WordPress as your back-end you are going to learn about Plugins very quickly. These are your best friend. They will make jobs take minutes that would otherwise take hours.

What Plugins Should You Get First?


1. WordPress SEO By Yoast

This plugin is going to get you a head start on SEO. Will it make your site shoot to the top of SERPs? Unfortunately, no. A skilled SEO company is what you will need,  unless you’re ready to make your website your top priority when it comes to spending your time. SEO by Yoast allows you to rewrite titles, meta descriptions and tests your page for the designated keyword you are working on.

2. Google Analytics For WordPress

Google Analytics for WordPress is a great plugin for those who don’t want to mess around with their header.php. It creates an easy part of the back-end where you can simply enter your Google Analytics ID. If you don’t have Google Analytics, you need it. It allows you to track your visitor behaviour. You won’t know what to improve if you don’t know what’s going on.

3. PluginChief Twitter Badge Widget

The PluginChief Twitter Badge Widget propagates your twitter feed right onto any part of your site that you choose. The common choice would be to insert this on your sidebar, as it will have good visibility here. This will give people the option to follow your Twitter feed without searching you out on Twitter. Remember, it’s all about making the site easy to navigate for the reader. These WordPress Plugins will do that.

4. Facebook Comments

Most WordPress themes have built in comment plugins, don’t use them. They require too much effort on the reader’s behalf to enter a comment. Facebook Comments, assuming they are logged into Facebook, gives the reader an easy and familiar way to leave a comment on a piece. These comments also drive more traffic to your site as the reader’s comment is now going to show up on their feed.

5. Facebook Widget

This widget allows your to add a visitor friendly Facebook box to your sidebar. This is a great way to get more Facebook likes without hounding your friends with invites.

6. Simple Share Buttons Adder

You’re creating all this awesome content, now it’s time to let your readers share what you have written. A reader decides within three seconds of finishing reading a piece whether or not they will like/tweet what they have just read. If your content is hard to share then it won’t be shared. The Simple Share Buttons Adder plugin allows for your readers to quickly and easily share your content. Check it out at the bottom of this piece.