CAVE Does Facebook Fit in Miami

Today we headed down to the Facebook Fit conference in Miami. The conference was sold-out and featured keynote speaker Dan Levy, Facebook’s director of small business. It was jam-packed with small business owners and digital marketers alike. Both receiving valuable take-aways.

Rhonda Abrams

Getting some one-on-one coaching from Rhonda Abrams

Facebook Fit

Starting to fill-up in Miami










The morning sessions showed the value of Facebook marketing, and how it has blended both new inbound marketing and traditional push marketing. All of the speakers emphasized the importance of having a two-way conversation with your customers on your business page.

Mitchell Forgie and Justin Kerby

Overall the day at Facebook fit was great. We learned a lot and we’re excited for next year. If you get the chance to go in your city, do it.

Dan Levy