6 Simple Ways To Get More Facebook “Likes”

Do you want to know how to get more Facebook “likes”?

What business doesn’t really? There are a bunch of  ways to get more Facebook likes. We’re going to show you a few easy ones to spike your Facebook likes immediately.

1. Add a Facebook box to your website’s sidebar


Facebook Likes

See the Facebook box circled in red.

This provides an easy way for the visitors on your site to opt in after reading your content. You can see an example of this above.

2. Add Your Fan-Page as Your Employer on Your Personal Profile

This will allow for friends and family to click through to your fan page after viewing your personal profile. Your friends and family are most likely to “like” your page, as they actually know you in person.

3. Ask Questions

Ask a Question on Facebook

Put up a picture of something that is related to your page or your industry and ask a question about it. When people respond to your question, follow up with a reply. This will let people know there is a real person behind the Facebook fan page and ultimately humanize the brand.

4. Tag Your Photos

If you’re at an event, first take photos, then tag people you know who in the photos. This will cause the photo to go in your album, but more importantly on the people you have tagged feeds. This picture will link directly back to your Facebook fan page and convert more users to “like” your page.

5. Use A Facebook Comment Box

Most sites have a built-in comment system. Get rid of it. Not only do these comments kill your keyword consistency, they are often harder to use than a simple Facebook comments plugin. When people use the Facebook comment box, this will get posted to their Facebook wall, which will turn more traffic to your post. More traffic to your post, means more traffic to your fan page which means more total “likes” for your page.

6. Invite People To “Like” Your Page One Time

I put this last for a reason. It’s undeniably the easiest way to get “likes” from your friends and family. It’s also the easiest way to aggravate your friends and family. Use this feature once when you launch the page and then don’t do it again. Social media needs to be inviting, not invading. If someone’s phone goes off and they check it to see you inviting them to like your page for a fifth time to you aren’t doing any good. This is a spam tactic and will generate poor results long-term.

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