Like a Fine Wine, Great Blog Posts Get Better With Age

Whenever we take on a new client we always want to bring content to the forefront of their website. By writing blogs companies are able to give insight into their business’ day-to-day work, build trust and credibility with readers.

Any Google search on,”how to blog for business,” will lead you an article that will undoubtedly tell you that killer content gets you killer ranking. But how do you know what high-quality content really is?

Google has a ton of guidelines on making original, high-quality content. And they’re helpful, but they don’t give you insight into what kind of ROI you’re going to have from putting together this content. Heck, chances are if you just started to blog, you probably haven’t see the ROI yet. But don’t worry, keep at it. Below I’m going to go through a couple pieces of content and how they have returned on investment several times over.

Example 1.

Top 10 Motivational Songs of All-Time



As you can see with this post, my initial push resulted in 855 reads. At the time, I thought that was the top end performance for the post. Needless to say, I was very wrong. As the post matured it received more and more organic traffic.

Example 2.

5 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Canada

This blog post yielded great results for one of our clients. We wanted to attack the top of the sales funnel and answer questions future buyers would have. These questions would be around which neighbourhoods are the best to live in, grow up in, work in, etc.

By providing the reader with useful data to answer these questions, their engagement went up and the traffic on this post also skyrocketed. This list-style post will continue to draw great results from search as it answers a specific question.

By allowing a post to age you let the post do something very important: get backlinks. Natural backlinks take time to acquire and most webmasters aren’t in the business of handing out links to anyone who asks for one. However, if you provide content that is informative instead of promotional, someone in your industry or a similar one will be much more likely to endorse (give a backlink) your post.


Because they want to give value to their readers too!