Overcome Google’s Panda Updates By Creating Butt-Kicking Content

Any SEO will be the first to tell you about how Panda and Penguin updates from Google hampered much of their previous SEO work. The effects of Panda on sites in 2012/2013 varied.

If your site was stagnant, or producing low-quality content, then chances are Panda took it’s toll on your site.

One of the big things Google places their rankings on is trust. Is your website trustworthy? Is the author a well-known author? If yes, then you have nothing to worry about. The problem is, most of us aren’t award winning journalists nor can our websites compete with massive publishers.

So what can you do?

1. Own Your Niche

You have valuable knowledge about your industry! If you own a house painting company for instance, let’s assume that you’re a painting expert. Potential clients will have questions about getting their house painted. And these potential clients will head over to Google and type in, “tips for painting the house toronto,” for instance. In Toronto (where I’m writing this), you’ll get the following results:


As you can see, there are a couple takeaways here. (i) Home painters Toronto is obviously a painting company which is seeking new business, (ii) they are giving away free tips to the general public.

Why would they do that?

It’s simple, they own their niche. If they provide you with useful information, you’re going to trust them that much more. And when it comes time to paint the house, you may figure out that hiring someone may be cheaper than doing it yourself. Or you may do it yourself, but use them for reference; either way their brand image goes up.

2.Use the rel=”author” tag

The next way to ensure your content ranks as well as possible is to add a rel=”author” tag to each post/page you publish. This will allow for your picture to show up in search engine results beside your posts.

This will increase click through as your post will stick out against competitors.

3. Give Back Useful Information

The operative word here is useful. Providing another generic post, with no instructions or actual analysis will lead to the same old rankings and a disgruntled visitor. If someone typed in, “What should I do if my eyes are bloodshot?” and all your page can tell them is, “go to the doctor,” chances are you won’t rank well for that query.

Give real information, and make sure it’s useful. Taking the extra time to do research, pull data from census’, etc., will make a huge difference on your posts like-ability and use-ability.


Whatever you put on your site is a representation of yourself. Before any content gets published, ask yourself, “Do I find this interesting and helpful?”. If the answer is yes, then get to publishing, if not, head back to the drawing board.

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