SEO Tips For Increasing Your Blog Traffic

SEO Tips For Your Increasing Your Blog Traffic

Blogging is important for your business. Companies who blogged on the regular actually had 2/3 more sales leads than a competitor that didn’t put pen to paper. Here are some SEO tips that you can use to increase your blog’s traffic.

Keyword Selection

Keyword selection is one of the most crucial parts of the blog-post process. You want to look at keywords which are relevant to the topic you are discussing. You can do this by looking at your Google Webmaster Tools and seeing which words need to be worked on.

Remember, individual pages rank for each keyword. Putting the words “SEO tips for blog traffic” on every page of this website would not increase our page rank for that keyword. You want each blog post to focus on one or two keywords, and then work on making those pages as strong as they can be.

Content is King

Don’t just write blog posts for the sake of writing, or because you’re bored at work. Write with a purpose and make that purpose to give your readers the highest quality content possible. Your content should humanize your brand, give useful information about your products or your community to the reader. Remember, you are writing with the aim that the reader will share your piece. They are only going to share if they found it useful.

Schedule Posts Ahead of Time

Turn into a content machine. If you’re always ahead, then you’re never behind. You want to stay consistent with your publishing schedule as this lets your loyal fan base know when you are going to be posting. If you post very frequently and then disappear for months, when you return you will notice your readership has drastically declined.

Alt Tags

This one is simple. Make sure your images in your post contain the appropriate alt tags. These tags will let search engines know what your images are about, and hopefully they relate to your chosen topic.

Stop Keyword Stuffing

Your reader knows what your piece is about, they clicked the headline didn’t they? Don’t punish the reader by unnaturally inserting the keyword into every third sentence. Not to mention, search engines will penalize for using this tactic.

Link Your Google+ Author Page

Ever notice how when you search for something on Google and you see some people’s pictures beside a link and others without a picture? This is because the people with pictures have linked their Google+ author page to their blog username. This humanizes the link, and typically increases the click-through rate to your site.

Guest Post on Other Blogs

If you are a leader in your selected industry and have useful knowledge, then share it! Guest posting on other sites with related industries will not only buffer up your author credentials, but you will actually be link-building in the process. This guest post will link back to your site, which will help your page with increasing traffic.

Use Social Media

The amount of times I have heard, “I don’t think I need social media for my company,” is crazy. Chances are you got on this piece about increasing blog traffic through a social media outlet. Facebook is the most addicting website in the world, and since 2009 there have been over 10 billion tweets. Not only did 50% of businesses using social media record attaining a customer through it, they also created very strong links back to their sites (which help your ranking).