Stand Out: 5 Tips to Improve Your Blog Posts

By now you know how important it is to create engaging blogs, so we’ve put together a quick list of tips you can use to make your blog posts stand out.

Step 1.


Just kidding.

[su_heading size=”18″]1. Headings[/su_heading]

Try adding headings to your blog posts like you see above. These headings help structure your posts, and are appealing to the reader. They help the reader quickly find parts of your post that relate to them, giving them a better overall experience. Always keep your reader in mind.



[su_heading size=”18″]2. Try highlighting important parts of your post. [/su_heading]

If you have a vital piece of information you’re trying to convey to your reader, highlighting a phrase can be a great way to grab their attention. Especially if your point is buried a few sentences into a paragraph. [su_highlight]Don’t lie – you probably jumped ahead and read this part.[/su_highlight] It happens to the best of us.


[su_heading size=”18″]3. Add buttons[/su_heading]

Trying to get your readers to buy a product, schedule an appointment, or just sign up for your newsletter? Instead of just adding a link, add an actual button to your post. They’re colorful, appealing, and lets be honest – everyone loves buttons.

[su_button url=”” size=”4″]Contact Us[/su_button]




[su_heading size=”18″]4. Quotes [/su_heading]

When transitioning, a quote can be a great way to start or end a thought. Be sure you double check who you’re quoting, and don’t over-do it. One quote per post is acceptable.

[su_quote cite=”Dr. Seuss”]Why fit in when you were born to stand out?[/su_quote]

[su_heading size=”18″]5. Make it easy for others to connect with you[/su_heading]

At the end of all of your posts, be sure to give people an easy way to connect with you. Adding a follow me on Twitter button is simple, and gives your readers an easy way to connect with you.

By the way, you should follow me on Twitter.