5 Things You Should Never Do On Your Businesses Page

Social media has presented a new avenue for businesses to interact with their consumer base. It is a valuable resource for any business because of the sheer mass which uses social media daily. Whether it is Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc. They are all of value to your brand.

Remember, everything you do on your social media account represents your business.

1. Inviting All of Your Contacts to “Like” Something.

You want to stay in a positive light with your customer base and your friends and family. Inviting everyone on your Facebook friends list to an event or to “like” your page is going to yield convoluted results. Yes, you may receive more likes, but what expense and with what overall return? Your Facebook business account is meant to be another source of referral traffic to drive conversions (sales) to your business. If you have a useful event or product that someone you know could benefit from, then spend the time and send them a message; it will take a bit longer, but the conversion rate will be much higher.

2. Negative Posts About A Competitor

People who are following your business are doing so for a reason – to hear about your business! Don’t waste time smashing on a competitor as it will make your brand look unprofessional. Instead, highlight the advantages of your brand or product.

3. Buy Followers

I would rather have 100 loyal fans over 10,000 fake ones. Authenticity is the name of the game, and nothing screams bought followers more than a page with 25,000 followers and no interactions from the fan base. 100 loyal fans are better because they will produce sales and refer your brand to others in need of your services. Fake followers will make you feel important, but that’s about it.

4. #Overhashtag

Keep your hashtags to two maximum per post. Hashtags are meant to categorize posts and help people find your page/accounts. Use a contextual hashtag to accompany your article, page or press release. For example, if you have a post on travelling to South Africa, then simply add #travel #SouthAfrica at the end. It is easy and not overdoing it.

5. Post Things Out of Context

Keep your branding consistent. If you sell t-shirts, then talk about t-shirts. Even if you have great insight on the newest political issue, this is not the appropriate place to post on it. Make sure everything you post online is a reflection of your brand.  If someone posts something negative on your wall it is okay to address them to resolve the issue, however, never attack someone on the web.