Jordan Scheltgen

Jordan is the Founder + CEO at Cave. He's obsessed with helping brands tell their stories. Aside from marketing, he loves spending time with his dog, Millie.

7 Influencer Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Brand Value

The popularity of influencer marketing is soaring.  Not convinced? Then, check out this stat: In 2019, 93% of marketers leveraged it to grow their brand value, awareness, and revenue. Compared to traditional marketing forms, influencer marketing is proving to be more effective when it comes to establishing a brand’s reputation, credibility, and trust.  Smart marketers

7 B2B Marketing Strategies Worth Considering in 2022

Marketers worldwide have had to change their approaches dynamically in 2022, owing to a worldwide pandemic that forced people to stay indoors. Digital ones completely replaced outdoor advertisements and marketing strategies. Brands became more interactive and engaged more with their customers than ever before. Personalized forms of marketing communication became more acceptable, and digitally strong

MYM 79 – Building a New Creative Agency With Grant Tucker

Mind Your Marketing · MYM #79 – Building a New Creative Agency With Grant Tucker In this episode, we sit with creative agency owner Grant Tucker to discuss how his business has evolved over the years. This episode is full of lessons for those looking to start their own agency.

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