New hooks, angles, and content to power your ad performance.

We create briefs, shoot content, and test, test, test! 


Hook, hold, and deliver value.

When you launch a creative campaign, it’s imperative to get attention and keep it. But that’s not enough. Great creative just doesn’t get and keep attention–it brings people closer to buying. 

Our team launches new ads on weekly and bi-weekly schedules depending on the campaign. Our team works to brief and source great creative, as well as scripted content at our studio in Los Angeles. From static, to animation to full video production, your brand is in good hands. 

See how we can help scale your brand through organic and paid content today.



UGC Examples

@jugosuperfoods When you’re on the go, and want to keep your family’s nutritional needs covered, our gummies can help. #bears #gummies #vitamin #familycampingtrip ♬ original sound – JUGO SUPERFOODS

Start your day off with SUPERFOODS in your corner! We’ve engineered a lineup of gummies to help you feel your best and energized throughout the day. Our gummies are: ✅ Gluten-free ✅ Cruelty-free ✅ Soy-free ✅ Non-GMO Cane-sugar ✅ Dairy free ✅ Gelatin free ✅ No artificial colors or flavor

♬ original sound – JUGO SUPERFOODS
@jugosuperfoods Are you getting your daily dose of superfoods? Support your body and mind with JUGO Superfood vitamin gummies. #healthygirlera #haircare #skincare #vitamins #superfoods ♬ original sound – JUGO SUPERFOODS


Can you guarantee results?

We do not offer any guarantees. If any agency offers you guaranteed results, you should run for the hills.

How much do you charge?

We charge either a set fee (retainer) or a percentage of your total ad budget. Our fees include creative, and are typically in the 7-12% range, depending on ad budget.

Why Cave over other agencies?

We have put in the reps. Over the last decade, we’ve worked with hundreds of brands, helping them grow online.

How will we work together?

You will work alongside our strategists and they will keep you informed every step of the way as we get your project up and running.


  • Performance creative briefs
  • Content creation + testing
  • UGC sourcing
  • Content licensing
  • Influencer management


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