The Opportunity for Fresh Cravings + TikTok

Fresh Cravings is a salsa brand that has been traditionally marketed through traditional digital platforms. As the brand sought to expand its reach and appeal to a younger demographic, it recognized the potential of TikTok, a platform it had not previously fully leveraged. The aim was to create a marketing campaign that resonated with the TikTok audience and increased the brand’s visibility and following.

Three-Pronged Content Strategy

Our team adopted a three-pronged strategy: creating casted videos, public taste-testing videos, and partnering with popular creators on the platform.

Casted Videos

Casted videos provided the opportunity to develop creative, engaging, and shareable content. Our team scripted and produced short, humorous videos featuring actors playing out relatable scenarios with Fresh Cravings salsa as the star. These scenarios ranged from sport casters calling play-by-play snacking to the salsa itself giving a pump-up speech, leveraging popular TikTok trends and memes to create videos that were native to the platform.

Public Taste-Testing Videos

For the second prong, we organized public taste-testing events in various locations. Participants were filmed trying Fresh Cravings Salsa for the first time, capturing their genuine reactions and feedback. These videos offered an authentic look at the product, providing potential customers with peer reviews and authentic reactions to the product.

Partnering with TikTok Creators

Finally, recognizing the influence of popular creators on TikTok, we collaborated with a diverse range of creators who resonated with our target audience. These creators were given creative freedom to incorporate Fresh Cravings Salsa into their content in a way that was organic and consistent with their unique style. This gave us the chance to show the product in delicious recipes the followers could emulate themselves. 

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@freshcravingssalsa Taco 'bout a delicious catch!🐟🌮😋 Perfectly seasoned and topped with Fresh Cravings Salsa, this recipe is sure to make a splash at your next meal.👌🏼 #fishtacos #yum #healthyrecipe #fiestafriday #freshingredients #dinnermadeeasy ♬ original sound – Fresh Cravings
@freshcravingssalsa This week, Chunky and Restaurant style go head-to-head. Who are you picking!? 😈 👏 #headtohead #tastetest #cravegoodness #gameday #snacktime ♬ Speak Up – Is0kenny