Starting Fresh With JUGO Superfoods

JUGO Superfoods is a new vitamin gummy startup, infused with superfoods. The brand wanted to connect the power of superfoods with people living adventurous lifestyles. So we were tasked with helping them as a startup gain brand exposure and drive DTC sales through paid media.

The Approach

Adventure Videos

We found and briefed adventure-focused creators on campaigns with JUGO. In doing so, we were able to get a diverse range of creators all showing how the gummy fit into their daily life. 

Static Testing

Over the course of the first 90 days we tested vast amount of static creative to see what would drive conversions through Meta. Through testing angles, creative, and different targeting we were able to turn Meta into a viable channel for product sales. 

Building the Brand

Finally, in order to build the brand we had to have top-of-funnel content we promoted. This content created buzz about the brand and organic impressions. This led to increased retail volume surrounding locations in Southern California.

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When you want clean energy, without the jitters from coffee take one of our Superfood Energy gummies. They're packed with superfood goodness to fuel all of your adventures. #superfoods #rockclimbing #climbing

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How do you start your day? Follow Alexxa as she heads out for a day of surf, strength and superfoods. 🌊🏄‍♀️

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Start your day off with SUPERFOODS in your corner! We’ve engineered a lineup of gummies to help you feel your best and energized throughout the day. Our gummies are: ✅ Gluten-free ✅ Cruelty-free ✅ Soy-free ✅ Non-GMO Cane-sugar ✅ Dairy free ✅ Gelatin free ✅ No artificial colors or flavor

♬ original sound – JUGO SUPERFOODS