image trends

The Top 10 Image Trends (According to Shutterstock)

Imagery is extremely important when marketing a product. You’ll want your images to jump out of the computer at your readers – to captivate them, and not seem staged. Shutterstock put together a list of the top trends in imagery, that’s sure to keep you in the loop. You don’t have to be a designer…

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how to get your first 100 followers

How to Get Your First 100 Followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Getting to 100 followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (Quickly) If you’re new to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, growing your following can seem daunting. Getting your first hundred followers is goal number one. I’ll cut to the chase and make this post short and sweet. Here are the actionable steps to take to get 100…

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facebook marketing tips video

5 Essential Facebook Marketing Tips – Episode 23

Watch the Episode Show Notes In this episode, we go over our 5 favorite Facebook marketing tips. Tip number one: stop poking people. Beer of the Day: Ballast Point Sculpin IPA @CaveJustin: 7/10 @CaveJordanS: 7/10 Here’s a quick summary: 1. Add closed captioning to all of your Facebook videos 2. You can either transcribe them yourself or…

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how to start social media

How To Build A Social Media Presence From Scratch – Episode 22

Watch the Episode Show Notes In this episode, we’re offering ways for you to build your social media following. Go from zero to hero with a few quick tips. Beer of the Day: HI-RES Sixpoint @CaveJustin: 6/10 @CaveJordanS: 6/10 Here’s a quick summary: 1. Determine which social channels your target audience uses daily 2. Develop a messaging strategy…

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gmail tricks to use

4 Gmail Tricks You’ll Actually Use

Gmail is still one of the best ways to send and receive emails. Its functionality may be simple, and its interface plain, but it gets the job done. While it may seem basic, there is another level to Gmail. There are several extensions, settings, and labs you can play around with to make Gmail go…

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How to Act As Your Business Page

How to Act as Your Business Page on Social Media

Acting as your business page is one of the quickest ways to grow your following on social media. It shows potential followers that you are engaging, interesting, and active. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on Twitter and Facebook. Follow these four steps when acting as your business page to help…

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activities that make you smarter

6 Activities That Make You Smarter, According to Science

It has been widely considered that each human being has a preset level of intelligence – we have to work with what we are given. However, the influx of scientific studies around brain function has led us to a different conclusion. According to science, there are activities and habits people can do to make themselves…

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3 New Facebook Updates You Need to Know About

3 New Facebook Updates You Need to Know About

  Facebook has had a busy week. They’re introducing several key features and product updates that are sure to intrigue both users and marketers alike. Here are their three latest announcements, and the implications surrounding them. 1. Long-Form Content Gets Priority In the past, Facebook has used the percentage of video watched as a key…

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what to ask a web developer

5 Questions to Ask a Web Developer Before Hiring Them

Building a website can be challenging for the non-technical person. Naturally, there’s a lot of jargon and costs involved in the process. We’ve built over one hundred websites for our clients, and each project has its own needs. One thing every client needs when commissioning an agency or developer to build their site is a…

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how to grow an instagram following

5 Ways to Grow an Instagram Following

Growing an Instagram following for your business/personal brand is a big task, there’s no doubt about it. That being said, everyday users have taken advantage of techniques to build massive followings and generate business through the platform. The platform, which boasts a 150 million daily active users, and is updating its features at an unprecedented rate is…

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