how to grow instagram followers

9 Tips to Build an Instagram Following – Episode 27

Watch the Episode Show Notes Growing your Instagram following can be more challenging than some of the other major social networks – this week we give our nine favorite growth tips for the platform. Beer of the Day: Deck the Walls by Concrete Beach Brewery @CaveJustin: 5/10 @CaveJordanS: 2/10 Here’s a quick summary: 1. Post consistently…

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things to share on linkedin

4 Things to Share on LinkedIn (Before You Get LinkedOut)

  LinkedIn is becoming many social media users go-to place to find industry news. Their latest update makes the site easier to use and more visually appealing, and businesses and individuals alike are investing more dollars into their time on the platform.   With that being said, there are still plenty of posts and comments being…

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quick guide to directories and reviews

A Quick Guide to Local Directories & Online Reviews

  Local directories are extremely important – especially for any local business, where they often take up a majority of the first page of Google branded searches.     This is because they carry such weight in search engines. They can often be the deciding factor when someone searches for your business online.   For example,…

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email tips for small businesses

Email Tips For Small Businesses – Episode 26

Watch the Episode Show Notes In this episode we go over a few of our favorite email tips for any business with company newsletters or email lists. Beer of the Day: Pure Hoppiness by Alpine Beer Company @CaveJustin: 8.5/10 @CaveJordanS: 8/10 Here’s a quick summary: 1. Use an email provider, and don’t add anyone to your list…

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best business podcasts

7 Business Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

  With thousands of business podcasts to choose from, and new ones being launched every day, narrowing down what to listen to can be a challenge. Whether you’re looking for something broad or very specific, chances are there’s a podcast that speaks to your interests. Here are seven of the absolute best business podcasts, each…

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how to build a brand on linkedin

LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts to Build Your Brand – Episode 25

Watch the Episode Show Notes In this episode we go over four LinkedIn dos, and four LinkedIn don’ts. Don’t fall victim to these common mistakes. Beer of the Day: Sea Cow Milk Stout @CaveJustin: 4/10 @CaveJordanS: 6/10 Here’s a quick summary: 1. Share industry related news 2. Post industry related blogs on Pulse 3. Share your…

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Reasons your facebook ads aren't working

8 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

If your Facebook ads aren’t working as well as you want, it’s likely due to several reasons. The Facebook ad platform allows for a lot of flexibility for the individual user. This is good and bad, as the more flexibility we the users have, the more prone we are to running unsuccessful ad campaigns. If…

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social media ideas for march

Social Media Content Ideas for March

March is here, and so are Cave’s social media content ideas! The past month flew by, it’s almost ike there are less days in February or something. Hilarious jokes aside, if you’re reading this you’re probably here to get some content ideas for March. We’ll cut to the chase and give you some of the…

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best facebook advertising

3 Extremely Profitable Types of Facebook Advertising

If you haven’t explored the power of Facebook advertising recently, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the depth of their product offering. The platform is much more than boosting posts and buying likes. Think about it – other than the NSA – who has more data on you than Facebook? They know what websites you visit,…

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twitter tips

4 Ways to Get Better Engagement on Twitter

Do you want to get better engagement on Twitter? This article is intended to help out people who are new to Twitter or any seasoned vet, looking to brush up on their skills. I’ve always looked at Twitter as the world’s largest ongoing conversation. There are a million different conversations going on at once, so…

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