How to Embed and Center An Instagram Post On Your Website

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Embedding photos is a great way to legally show other people’s photos on your website, promote their content, and entice them to share your blog post on their social accounts.

Let’s say you want to write about restaurants in your area. These articles are broad and cast a wide net in terms of readership. You’ll be capturing traffic from people in your area, and providing them with valuable content that presents you as a local expert. Awesome!

Write your article, link to the restaurants, and then – as the title of this article implies – embed photos from Instagram onto your blog.

Here’s what you do.

1. Find the restaurant on Instagram

For example, if you mentioned Zeeks Pizza in your article, head to Instagram and search ‘Zeeks Pizza,’ or just type, ‘Zeeks Pizza Instagram,’ into Google, then follow the link.


2. Find the best photo for your article

Take a look through their photos, and find one that you think will speak to your audience. We recommend going for a photo of the restaurant’s signature dish, in this case, pizza. When you find a winner, click on it. Of the three below, we’d recommend the one on the far left.

insta photos

3. Click the 3 dots in the bottom, right-hand corner

3 dots

4. Click the embed button



5. Copy the embed code

6. Paste the embed code in the text of your website

If you use WordPress, paste the embed code in the text portion of your editor. From there, you’re good to go. Your new Instagram photo will be embedded in your blog post! It should look something like this:

Once you’ve finished your blog, be sure to share it with all of the restaurants you mentioned.  You’ll usually see a few of the restaurants share the blog post on their social media accounts, bringing more visitors to your website (along with more potential customers).

7. Center the content

When you put an Instagram embed code on your website, it will default to left alignment. If you want to center your content you have a few options.

• You can add a <center></center> tag to the beginning and end of the embed (this will have to be done on every post)

• In WordPress you can add this as additional CSS to ensure every post is centered: .instagram-media{margin:15px auto !important;}

Watch our video on how to get your +1000 visitors to your next blog post for more tactics, and be sure to email me at jordan[at] if you have any questions.

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