Celebrating One Year With GCVL

Moving TipIt’s been just over one year since we launched the new Great Canadian Van Lines website! Since that time, Mark and his team at GCVL have rebranded their company to include a new logo (the one you see in the picture) and they have built a content strategy that has spiked their traffic almost 300%!

In the moving industry, GCVL is truly a trail-blazer. They have recognized the importance of having a responsive website (smart phone friendly) and effective calls-to-action around the site.

The other thing GCVL does is invite reviews. They want to hear about a customer’s experience with their company. This allows them to tweak their service to make sure they are giving the best service they can to those moving.

With their social media, they’ve worked alongside us to make a significant presence online. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and give insight into the moving industry at the same time.

Their Facebook page  is definitely worth a ‘like’ or two.