I’m Not Buying Your Crap and Here’s Why

I’m tired.

More specifically, I’m tired of bad emails.

Let me explain.

Every day I receive 4–5 unsolicited emails from account reps and co-founders all pitching me their product or flat out asking me if they can demo their product to me. All of these emails follow the same format: We help agencies, you’re an agency, LET ME SELL YOU STUFF, can you direct me to someone who will put up with me?

bad email
I mark everyone as spam.

Some people give up there, other people like Omari below just keep going. And in doing so, I’ve gone from slightly annoyed with Omari to legitimately disliking him and his company.

Bad Email

I’m Not Buying Your Crap and Here’s Why

You don’t know me.

You haven’t taken the time to get to know me.

You’ve sent this exact same email to 50 other people just like me today in hopes of getting a demo.

You and your company are missing the mark.

Companies I Do Buy From and Why

I want to like the companies I do business with.

Plain and simple.

The companies I like, are the ones who are giving value before asking for it in return. They prove their worth to me and my team long before they ever ask for a dollar. These companies also respect my email, telephone, and social media accounts. They don’t berate me with “buy now” messaging because they understand how I (and many others) operate.

The companies which we pay every month, whether it’s $9.99 to Buffer or $150 toFreshBooks, give us tremendous value.

I won’t lie, the reason we use Buffer is because of their tool’s power, but the reason we even know about Buffer is because of the content they put out. I was able to evaluate the company, when I wanted to, from my computer chair, and then communicate with them when I wanted to advance the relationship.

I want to dip a toe in the water before I go cage-diving with sharks.

Your Marketing/Sales Shouldn’t Make People Mad

Please, before you send out your next email or dial your next number ask yourself, “Would this piss me off if it was me on the other end?” If the answer is even, “maybe,” then you shouldn’t do it.

Look, I love the hustle, but you’re not putting your effort in the right areas.

Spend your time creating content, webinars, etc., which give potential customers value.

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