Why Every Business Should Use Wistia For Video Hosting

(Note: Wistia did not ask or pay for this, we truly just love the product)

If you’re a business owner thinking about adding video to your website, chances are you’re doing research into where you should host your video. Most people go with YouTube or Vimeo just based on name recognition.

I’m here to tell you to stop your search, go no further, cease and desist! There is one platform that is the flat out best option if you’re serious about your business — and that option is Wistia.

Its combination of practicality, sleekness and power make it the undisputed champion on the internet.


Here is why we love them.


Beautifully Simple Video Player

Their video player is the most professional and customizable that I’ve seen in the industry. It lets you change colors, thumbnails, play buttons, add form captures at any point in the video, remove and add social sharing and so much more.


Perfect Analytics

Wistia has metrics that are simple enough for a newbie and deep enough for the seasoned professional. These analytics give key insight such as who’s watching a video, where they are watching it, where they are paying attention and where they lose interest. This is vital information for business owners who need to know how their videos are performing. It gives a fantastic sense of where you might need to tweak, adjust, shorten or lengthen any videos. For Cave Social, this is huge because we invest hours into each of our videos. Having them perform optimally is a must for our clients.



Amazing Customer Support

Their customer support team is lightning quick and incredibly helpful. Any email or comment that we send their way is responded to in a very timely manner. What is perhaps more surprising is that they all seem to have a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond video. They have all the answers for any technical questions that you or your clients may have.


An Awesome Community

From their free resources offered in their blog to the overall community they have developed – Wistia is putting a lot of energy into making video better. Their community has hundreds of helpful video professionals from all over the industry who are eager to give assistance and give back to the community.


Here are some other quick facts about Wistia that played an important part for Cave when signing up:

  1. No queues for uploading your videos. As soon as you place your videos, the upload begins – and it’s lightning quick.

  2. Great for developers with easy SEO tools to tag videos properly. In addition, embedding videos is a breeze with Wistia. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty, but they have so many options that other video hosting sites just don’t have

  3. Private sharing and downloading that’s great for internal projects or for client reviews.


You can take a look at some of the videos we’ve published using Wistia right here.

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