How to Go Viral – Episode 40

Show Notes

This week we’re discussing one of the worst buzz words in marketing – viral. Hit play to find out how to set expectations and truly go “viral” in your industry.

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Here’s a quick summary:

1. Set appropriate expectations for you and your company – viral is subjective

2. Always locate where you want to go viral before you attempt to create your content

3. Use BuzzSumo to see what content has performed best in your industry over time

4. Create your content with a specific reader/viewer in mind

5. Feel good content is the most likely to go viral online

Awesome tools we mentioned:

1. BuzzSumo is a great tool for seeing what the most popular articles are around a given topic. We love it.

Other items we discussed:

If you’re interested in starting a video campaign, or putting yourself in front of the camera, going “viral” could be getting your first 100 views. Everyone has to start somewhere. Here’s a look at how we recommend shooting videos on a budget.

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