How to Get The Most Out of Your Content in 2021

Succeeding in content marketing has changed in 2021. No longer will generic posts titled things like 4 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers give you any reasonable return on investment. This is because these topics have been covered to death, and are very competitive.

Following that strategy is an uphill battle for content marketing.

Instead, this year I’m suggesting you look at four ways to improve your content strategy and output for your business.

Let’s break these down.

1. Repurpose Your Content Across Mediums

Repurposing content gives you the ability to take one piece of content and turn it into multiple pieces, across several mediums. For instance, if you record a video on something, you could then repurpose that content several ways:

  1. Separate the audio and create a podcast
  2. Write a blog on the topic you covered (like we’re doing here)
  3. Splice up the video into short snippets for Instagram
  4. Create an infographic from your content/research

This potentially turns one piece of content into five. This is better for consumers and not as heavy of a lift for you compared to creating five original pieces of content for every medium.

2. Find Future Evergreen Topics

I’m not suggesting you predict the future when it comes to evergreen topics. However, I am suggesting you take note of what’s happening in your industry and jump on topics early. One way to do this is to look up all of the conferences happening your space, look at the agenda and see what the thought leaders in your space will be talking about. The speakers at the conferences will have useful insights into topics that may not be relevant now for search traffic but could become relevant down the road. Take note on what they’re speaking on, and see where you can add your opinion/original take on the subject matter.

3. Tell a Story

55 percent of business professionals say they are more likely to pay attention to a company if they are being told a story. This is no surprise because stories captivate and keep the attention of consumers for longer. Not to mention, if you create a story to accompany your brand/product you’re more likely to create an emotional response between your brand and the consumer hearing your story.

4. Consistency is Key

You need to tell your business’ story, over time, and consistently. This means having a schedule in place for social media and your blog content and sticking to it. Your consumers will expect content on the regular, and providing it to them keeps their attention on your brand longer, which is good for your bottom line.

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