How To Respond To Angry Reviews On Social Media – Episode 13

Show Notes

In this episode, we’re talking about how to respond to angry comments on social media.

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Here’s a quick summary:

1. Social media has changed the playing field for businesses – everyone is a critic, and you need to use social as a customer service channel

2. Talk to people like human beings and write a thoughtful response – don’t automate your responses

3. Offer a discount or credit to create brand ambassadors – if you’re good to your angry customers, they’ll respond positively

4. Other people are watching to see how you interact with your customers, so put on your best face and respond!

5. If someone mistook your brand for another company, respond in length and address the mistake

6. A small percentage of commenters are born to hate everything – take caution with responses

7. Try to get people in a private chat as soon as possible

Awesome tools we mentioned:

1. We didn’t talk about any tools in this episode – instead, here’s our favorite Lionel Richie song

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