How to Start Conversations on Social Media – Episode 43

Show Notes

Today and today only, we’re talking about our favorite ways to start conversations – and be more SOCIAL – on social media. Plus, our camera-man and Creative Director, Taylor, makes an interesting appearance. He learned a valuable lesson: stay behind the camera. Also, we have way more than 4 tips. Our counting skills need some work.

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Here’s a quick summary:

1. Give recommendations on LinkedIn as opposed to endorsing people

2. Use Twitter chats to meet other engaged people using the platform and in your industry

3. Don’t send automated messaged to people anywhere online

4. Approach people on social media the same way you would in person

5. Find people with similar customer bases to you on Facebook and answer questions

6. Act as your page on Facebook for a few minutes every day

7. Go live and answer questions in real time (Periscope, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook)

Awesome tools we mentioned:

We discussed Twitter chats in this episode. Here’s an article Justin wrote for Social Media Today on “How to Use Twitter Chats” to grow your following. He goes through the best places to find chats to participate in at the beginning of the article.

Other items we discussed:

Our own Michael Prempeh wrote an article on 4 ways to get better engagement on Twitter that goes through some ideas we didn’t mention in this video. Check it out.

Want more? Here’s a video we shot from Santa Monica Beach on how to use Twitter like a pro.

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