Tips & Tricks For Using Facebook Live – Episode 14

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss best practices for Facebook Live. We also shot the episode on Facebook Live, check that out here for context, and to see Dorian’s beautiful face.

Beer of the Day: New Belgium Fat Tire

@CaveJustin: 10/10

@CaveJordanS: 8/10

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Here’s a quick summary:

1. We love New Belgium Fat Tire

2. Show behind the scenes looks at your workspace, highlight your product offering, and introduce team members

3. Reintroduce yourself throughout the broadcast for any new viewers that have tuned in

4. Try to shoot for at least 10 minutes so that you give viewers the chance to tune in and share the video

5. Your viewership will go through the roof once people start sharing your broadcast

6. Keep the camera moving and the visuals interesting

7. Respond to comments as they come in

8. Keep your language clean, and don’t post anything for a few hours after posting a Facebook Live session – it kills your reach

Awesome tools we mentioned:

1. We didn’t talk about any tools in this episode – instead, here’s a HubSpot post on 7 of the best Facebook Live examples.

Other items we discussed:

1. As mentioned, we shot this In the Cave episode live on Facebook as well. You can see the full video for that Facebook Live session here.

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