The 2 Best Photo Apps For Social Media Professionals

There are a lot of articles on the best photos apps for social media professionals, and they all seem to follow the same template. They cover way too many apps, leaving you with the need to download 18 apps and test them out for yourself. Not a very good way to spend an afternoon.

Instead, I’d like to present you with a much better option. I’m going to give you an overview of two photo apps that every social media professional will love – just download them and get to work, I guarantee you’ll use them regularly.

#1: Over (Android and iOS)

over photo app

Over is a life-saver. I use it daily, in particular whenever I need to create a cover photo or a featured image for a blog post (and yes, the featured image for this article was created right in Over).

The options are endless. Just upload your photo and start playing with the app to see its power. You can add text in hundreds of fonts, with options to purchase photo packs if you’re a design nerd like me. You can also add cool creatives for holidays and events within the app.

One of my favorite features is Over’s Google Search functionality. If you search for an image, Over will show you all of the results for PNGs from Google Image Search, making it easy to add PNGs over all of your photos. It’s how we put the Cave logo in the featured image above. 

It’s really like having a mini photoshop in your pocket. I love working from my phone, and all of the functionality that Over possesses makes my mobile device a much more attractive option for quick design work. Plus, it will save you a ton of time.

The last feature I want to mention is the ability to raise or lower the opacity on separate layers of your photos in Over. If you’ve ever tried to add white text to a light image on a mobile app, you’ll really appreciate this feature. When you darken your backdrop and keep the text layer unchanged in Over, your title is guaranteed to stand out.

If that didn’t convince you to download Over, here are a few reviews (social proof, if you will).

“This is a fantastic idea!” —Jason Fried of Basecamp

“We’re obsessed.” —Brit+Co

“Instagram suddenly got a lot more interesting.” —Uncrate

#2: Union (currently iOS only)

union app

Union is a great new app from Pixite Apps, and it has some really cool functionality that I haven’t found anywhere else. Specifically, I’m talking about the ability to erase part of a background with the magic wand tool. We take this for granted on Photoshop, but on mobile, it’s been a real challenge to find an app that can compete with traditional desktop programs. Union is that app.

You can layer images and eliminate clutter with ease in Union, allowing you to create PNGs and place them on top of other images in a few clicks. Here’s a look at some of the cool images you can create with the app.

apps for photos

What are your two favorite photo apps for social media professionals other than Over and Union? Let us know in the comments section below!

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