3 Important Facebook Updates For Marketing Professionals

Facebook just released its second-quarter earnings for 2017, and we’ve learned a lot about the direction the company is headed. Here are three important updates marketers need to keep in mind.

1. User Growth is Still Trending Upward

They released some amazing numbers, but one stands out in particular. Facebook now has over 2 billion monthly active users. This is a very important metric in the social media world, and while user growth is likely to slow at some point – we’re not there yet.

For marketers, it’s important to remember that the some of the fastest growing demographics on the platform are older age-groups. The 50+ age group is the fastest growing demographic on the platform in North America.

2. Original Programming is Coming

While we thought Facebook would release its first round of original shows last month, it seems as though they’re finally coming to completion now. First episodes are expected to be ready mid-August, with the company said to be asking partners to turn over their first episodes. The initial round is likely to feature shorter length programs, roughly 10 minutes in length. They’ll likely be competing with YouTube and Snapchat style content as opposed to Netflix or HBO out of the gate. Stay tuned.

3. Shorter Video Ads Are In The Works

Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg confirmed today that shorter, 6-second video advertisements are coming to Facebook. With Facebook Video helping drive $9 billion in ad sales and mobile advertising accounting for 87% of total ad revenue, the tide isn’t changing – it’s changed. Mobile and video first ad solutions need to be top of mind for all marketers, with an emphasis on shorter video content coming in the future. If you need some inspiration, don’t skip any of the ads on Snapchat – this is likely to be the style of ads we’ll see on Facebook in the coming months.


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