3 Ways to Instantly Improve at Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most defensible types of marketing in the world of digital marketing. However, it’s not necessarily the easiest. The biggest factor in content marketing is embracing a long term commitment to story telling.

Successful content marketing relies on a few things, much of which we talk about at length on our show. In this video, we’ll go over three ways you can instantly improve your content marketing efforts.

1. Double down on your effort

The internet is saturated with mediocre content. For you to stand out from the crowd a lot of it comes down to the effort. By putting two or three times as much work into a piece of content over the competition, you can yield results that exceed ten times the average piece of content.

2. Use different content types

Not all of your audience will respond the same to different kinds of content. Some will prefer articles, others will want video. Experiment with different mediums and see where you can gain traction.

3. Consistency is key

To build a connection with your audience you need to be producing content consistently. Expecting one post or video to endear people to your brand is a pipe dream. Create on the regular and keep your story going.

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