4 Awesome Video Editing Apps

Tell your story with these awesome video editing apps

Video is taking over and video editing apps are helping make that possible. Marketers and business owners need to take advantage and put themselves and their brands in front of the camera.

If you’ve been looking for tools to help make your life easier when it comes to creating and editing video, you’re in luck. Watch the video below, and then check out the list of links in our show notes below.

Apps Mentioned:

1. VideoShop – iOS and Android

Justin got it wrong in the video above (oops), there is now a small cost to download VideoShop – but it is definitely worth it. Fantastic for cropping, trimming, and adding filters to your videos. You can also add text overlays, and image overlays into your content which is very useful. Check out the 50-second mark of the video above to see it in full action.

2. Ripl – iOS and Android

Ripl lets you add moving text over photos – it’s great for creating fun slideshow style videos.

3. Legend -(Now Removed)

Where Ripl leaves off, Legend picks up. Legend lets you add cool motion text over videos and photos. It’s more limited than Ripl, but the advantage here is that you can add your text overlays on top of videos.

4. iMovie (iOS) and KineMaster (Android)

Great for your general edits, and for finalizing your videos. These should be your most used apps.

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