5 Exciting Changes Coming to LinkedIn

If you’re a publisher or a marketer, you’re going to want to watch this video. LinkedIn just announced 5 major updates that will be rolling out shortly. Hit play below.

Show Notes

LinkedIn’s rolling out a ton of new features for publishers in the coming weeks. Some of them are live right now, and if you’re a regular contributor on the network, you likely have access already.

Here are the 5 changes coming to LinkedIn.

1. Multiple Photos in Posts

You can now add more than just one photo to your posts on LinkedIn. This is a welcome change, that should have happened years ago. People use LinkedIn to show off their company culture and events, and trying to squeeze updates into one photo just wasn’t enough. Show off your business with this new feature.

2. Native Video Content

One of our social media predictions for 2017 was that LinkedIn would allow native video content, and soon you’ll be able to shoot your videos within the platform. Users will be able to record video on the LinkedIn app and share it directly to their network. This content will likely be given priority, though no one at LinkedIn has confirmed this.

3. Off Network Sharing

In the past, if you shared a Pulse article on another social network, would-be readers needed to log into LinkedIn to view your content. LinkedIn has decided to do away with this. It seems as though exclusivity has been trumped by the need to attract more website visitors. We applaud the move.

4. Share Drafts

LinkedIn Pulse is a great place to write and republish content, and now you can have others edit your Pulse articles before you hit publish. If you’re writing for your company page, this makes editing a lot easier for your content team – it will be very similar to the drafts we see on Medium currently.

5. Disable Comments

Finally, LinkedIn is giving more control to publishers. You can now turn off comments on your posts, helping users eliminate SPAM and harassment from the social network. The fight continues to make social media more social, and less frustrating.

Which of these changes are you happiest to see? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments section below.

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