5 Ways to Increase Engagement on Social Media Posts

Engagement is the lifeblood of successful social media campaigns. Without it, you’re simply broadcasting your message to deaf ears. So, in this blog post, we’ll get into how you can increase the engagement on your social media posts for free. 

1. Engage With Other Brands’ Biggest Fans

The easiest way to get more engagement on your posts is by seeking out people who already engage with companies that you share a customer base with. First, you will identify 5-10 brands that share a customer base with you, then you will follow all of the people who are engaging with these brands. See, these people have already shown an interest in interacting with brands with social media, meaning you’re in a prime position to have them engage with your content. 


2. Ask Questions

These may seem straightforward, but asking your audience questions works. This is a way to invite conversation over simply broadcasting your message.



3. Be Consistent

For increased engagement, you will need both consistent posting frequency and consistency in posting themes. Your account should have 1-3 themes that you focus on, and post about regularly. By tying your posts to specific themes, you’ll start to build a following that’s specific, and more likely to engage with your content. 


4. Repurpose/Recycle Content

The best way to create engaging content is by looking at your content over the past quarter and pulling the content that got the most engagement. Take those posts, retool them and repost them on your channels. This exercise enables you to constantly be adding to your brand’s greatest hits. 


5. Use Carousel Posts

Carousel posts are the most effective way to get engagement on social media. They (i) are rewarded by the platforms’ algorithms and (ii) have the perfect amount of FOMO (fear of missing out) baked into their format–users are so tempted to swipe through and see all of the content. 

This is specifically true for LinkedIn. If you create carousel posts you will see engagement rates at +20%. We typically see engagement rates around 40% on posts using this format. Let me repeat that, 40% engagement on carousel posts. 


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