Digital Media on Television is Growing Rapidly

Whatever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, and evening TV?

Not sure about predictability and the milk man. But the paper boy and evening TV lost battles to digital media….or so it seemed.

While the newspaper may not be making a comeback anytime soon, it appears as though the television may be in for a busier year. YouTube just announced that their audience on television is their fastest growing demographic. From 2015 to 2016, viewership grew by 90% on TV.

Advertisers are thrilled and for good reason. YouTube recently announced it would be cutting its 30-second ads and focusing on 15-second ads, while Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg informed us that 6-second ads would soon be coming to Facebook. These shorter ad spots make it more difficult to make an impression, and on platforms like Snapchat they can even be skipped quickly.

On Television, however, the average user’s attention span is much longer. NBC’s YouTube channel receives 30% more watch-time per average visitor on television than on laptops. This is what advertisers want to see.

For digital marketers, the strong numbers on large screens may come as a surprise. Here’s a look at why the TV is making a comeback in digital media.

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