Email Tips For Small Businesses – Episode 26

Show Notes

In this episode we go over a few of our favorite email tips for any business with company newsletters or email lists.

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Here’s a quick summary:

1. Use an email provider, and don’t add anyone to your list that hasn’t subscribed

2. We use MailChimp, but we like MyEmma and Constant Contact as well

3. Segment your lists by location, interest, etc.

4. Schedule your emails, and test to see which times work best for your business – it’s different for everyone

5. Test different headlines and copy within your emails and monitor performance

6. Use other platforms to grow your subscriber list, and include links to your newsletter within articles

7. Test the compatibility of your emails with different devices with an app like Litmus

Awesome tools we mentioned:

We mentioned a bunch. Here are the links to them all. 

1. MailChimp

2. MyEmma

3. Constant Contact

4. Unroll.Me

5. Litmus

Other items we discussed:

We’ve written and spoken about ways to grow your email list, and best email service providers extensively in the past. Here are a few articles and one video for further learning.

email service providers
4 easy ways to get more email subscribers

Must Watch: How to Grow Your Email List

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