Facebook Metrics You Need to Watch – Episode 31

Show Notes

This week we talk about 3 Facebook metrics that you need to watch, and why they’re so important.

Beer of the Day: No beers! Drinking in public is frowned upon in California.

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Here’s a quick summary:

1. Watch your engagement metrics – they’re telling on the quality of your content

2. Post videos, ask questions and include yourself in your photos to up your engagement

3. Reactions are worth more than Likes, so watch to see what people respond positively (and negatively) to

4. Response time reflects how long it takes you to respond to inquiries, and what percentage of people you respond to

5. Facebook penalizes pages that don’t respond, or take too long – always respond and mark spam as spam so it doesn’t affect your response rate

Awesome tools we mentioned:

We didn’t mention any tools, but one of our favorite tools for tracking social metrics is Raven Tools.

Other items we discussed:

1. If you’re looking for more info on Facebook, we have plenty of articles on our marketing blog. Here’s a video from Justin highlighting 3 of the most profitable types of Facebook ads.

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