Instagram Makes Major Changes to Stories Features

Instagram Stories made some major changes today, announcing that users will now be able to have more options when using the platform. Here’s a look at the three major changes they announced, and when you can expect to find them within the app.

1. Links

Available: To verified users only at this point

This new feature allows users to add links into their Instagram Story, sending customers to a specific webpage that opens within Instagram itself. This is extremely beneficial to brands and businesses, who can now direct viewers to products or landing pages right from their Story. Instead of hyperlinking of placing a URL within the post, Instagram is adding a “See More” button at the bottom of the screen that keeps your Stories looking clean. While this feature may soon be available to everyone (Instagram hasn’t offered any hints), at the moment it’s only available to verified users to experiment with.

2. Mentions

Available: To everyone, today

As of today, you can tag friends within your Instagram Story. All you have to do is type the @ symbol and begin typing your friends name to tag them. You can add up to 10 people, but remember that will take up a lot of space on your photo, as each tag displays in the story. When someone clicks on the username, they’ll be taken to that persons profile immediately. Your friends will also be notified when you tag them in a Story. Give this feature a shot today, we think it’s pretty great.

3. Boomerang

Available: To everyone, today

Feel like adding some one second loops into your Story? You’re in luck! Everyone has access to this feature – all you have to do is click on Boomerang within the Story camera, in the bottom right hand corner. See the image of Jordan, below.


Add these Boomerang’s to your Story with the click of a button – staying within the Instagram app the entire time.

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