LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts to Build Your Brand – Episode 25

Show Notes

In this episode we go over four LinkedIn dos, and four LinkedIn don’ts. Don’t fall victim to these common mistakes.

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Here’s a quick summary:

1. Share industry related news

2. Post industry related blogs on Pulse

3. Share your company culture in posts

4. Share your ideas in industry related groups

5. Never share random photos that are unrelated to your industry

6. Don’t participate in viral math/logic problems

7. Don’t SPAM people

8. Don’t get political

Awesome tools we mentioned:

We didn’t mention many tools, but LinkedIn Pulse is one we wanted to cover.

1. Here’s an example of a LinkedIn Pulse article. When published, all of your followers on LinkedIn get notified, putting your content in front of your audience.

Other items we discussed:

We talked about a past video we filmed on how to stay classy on social media – we talk politics, religion, and even about fight club.

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