Look to The Girl Scouts For Advice on Social Media

Think Twitter doesn’t need to be a part of your digital marketing strategy?

We often hear this from traditional businesses and it couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t have to be a startup to benefit from the micro-blogging platform. Traditional organizations around the world have shown that Twitter is not just for angst teenagers. It’s where over 82 percent of B2B business leads are generated on social media. If you run a B2B company, that number should be jumping off the page at you.

What if you run a B2C operation? In this case, the statistics might be even more exciting. The internet marketing firm Hubspot has reported some amazing findings.

“A B2C company with one to 20 Twitter followers will generate a median of 11 leads per month. When the number of Twitter followers increases to 21-100, this median grows about 27 percent to 14.

However, the most significant boost in median lead generation from a B2C corporate Twitter account occurs when a company’s number of Twitter followers enters the 100 to 500 range. At that point, the median number of monthly leads generated jumps 146 percent to 35.”

146 percent is not a typo. It’s never too late to start growing your Twitter following, just ask the executives at one of the most traditional organizations in the world, the Girl Scouts. The Girl Scouts needed to amp up their cookie sales business and turned to Twitter to solve the problem.

By monitoring conversations on social media, the Girl Scouts saw that it wasn’t always easy for interested consumers to find a Girl Scout to purchase from during cookie sales season. To solve this problem, they wanted to boost downloads of their new Girl Scout Cookie Finder mobile app. In addition, they aimed to increase in-app searches for local sales booths, and decided to create an app installations ad campaign on Twitter to connect consumers with cookie sellers.

The results were staggering.


girl scouts objective

[su_quote cite=”Kayla Santalla, Senior Digital Media Strategist at Girl Scouts USA”]Twitter offers a unique value proposition for us because our customers are active users and on their phones 24/7. Twitter’s conversion reporting is also really clear. The interface was so easy to use, we set up the campaign less than a day after the idea came up. Overall, Twitter’s a really sweet match for us.[/su_quote]

Twitter is proving itself to be worth your time and money, as the Girl Scouts quickly discovered. The benefits that both B2C and B2B companies have seen are becoming hard to ignore. Try setting up an ad campaign and testing it out yourself.

If you’re new to Twitter, don’t fret. While growing your initial follower base can be challenging in the beginning, getting your first hundred followers isn’t impossible. In fact, we’ve outlined a quick and easy way to get your first hundred followers in under 3 minutes just by leveraging your LinkedIn page. Take a few minutes to start growing your following, the statistics show that it’s worth your time.