How To Master Your Next Conference – Episode 45

Show Notes

We love conferences. No, seriously. We love them so much that we shot this video, all about conferences. Master them with these tips.

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Here’s a quick summary:

1. Buy a Snapchat geo-filter and set it up to show around the conference

2. Go live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube – wherever you have an audience that would be interested in the day’s happenings

3. Give a keynote or be on a panel

4. Be engaged on social media to set up meetings outside of the conference

5. Follow along with conference hashtags before your scheduled event


Awesome tools we mentioned:

1. Here’s an example of two Snapchat geo-filters we bought for DIGIMARCON


2. Here’s a guide to setting up a geo-filter for yourself (via Buffer)


Other items we discussed:

NONE – but…..

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