Mobile & Marketing: How to Crush it on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat

Marketers can no longer think desktop first, and mobile second when it comes to their brand.

With 91% of American adults keeping their mobile devices within arm’s reach and more than 50% of mobile searches leading to a sale, it’s time to start thinking mobile first with marketing (Forbes).


What my home screen looks like

As our customers’ attention shifts from platform to platform, we have to be equally as agile shifting with them.

If you’re wondering where that consumer attention is going, look at the home screen of your phone. All of the apps on the home screen will complete one of three functions: (i) communication, (ii) information or (iii) entertainment. Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are so dominant, because they are mobile-first platforms. Instagram barely has a website, and Snapchat is inaccessible from the desktop. With Instagram having 400 million users and Snapchat with 100 million, they are here to stick around. But before we get into those networks, we’re going to go over the two biggest twitter hacks you can start using today.

Hacking Twitter

Twitter can be your greatest weapon when it comes to marketing your business or it can be overwhelmingly useless.

How you use the platform really dictates your results.

1. Use the @ symbol properly

If you start a tweet with the @ symbol, only those who are following both you and the account you are mentioning will have that tweet show up in their timeline. To avoid this, make sure to put a character in front of the @ symbol or say ‘hey @example’, then you’ve drastically increased your potential audience.

2. Use Twitter Search to Build an Audience

This is the best part of Twitter. Seriously.

If you haven’t built a giant audience offline or on another social network, then getting people to follow you naturally is going to be one hell of an uphill battle on Twitter. Using Twitter search, can help level the playing field, though. In the search bar, you can put in hashtags, usernames or even full sentences and see who is talking about what you’re interested in.

Below, I wanted to see who is talking about Snapchat and entrepreneurship, as they may be good people to connect with on the platform.


Once you’ve found people talking about things you’re interested in on Twitter, or someone who you think you could potentially sell to, spark up a conversation with them. However, don’t come in hot, screaming and yelling about how your product is the best. Simply, follow them and engage them in real conversation – it doesn’t even have to be about what you initially searched for. If you engage with people they will check out your profile and see what you’re about, and what you’re selling.

Using Instagram Like a Pro


Keep it ???? with your content. #contentmarketing

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When it comes to Instagram, not every post has to be a homerun. You just need to provide consistent quality photos that give a peek into your life. Whenever you’re out with a client, or at an office event, get Instagram open and start firing away with photos.

Some Quick and dirty tips:

  1. Use Instagram search to see who is talking about similar things to you
  2. Follow people back (barring they aren’t spammers)
  3. Use the location tag on your photos, it will help you get naturally discovered
  4. Play around with apps like ‘Layout’ and the repost app
  5. Don’t use too many hashtags. I’d use three or four
  6. Produce content at least 1x a week


Despite what you think, Snapchat isn’t just for teenagers. In fact, over 55% of all the users on Snapchat are over the age of 25. Snapchat just surpassed 100 million daily users and has just passed Facebook in video consumption.

If your audience isn’t on Snapchat yet, they will be soon.

Connecting with people on Snapchat takes a bit of creativity on your part. You have to utilize your existing social media accounts to drive people to your Snapchat.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a piece of content on Snapchat
  2. Download the content from Snapchat
  3. Repost on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., with a call to action to connect with you on Snapchat.


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